Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

Nokia 5800 Express Music

Nokia 5800 to be the first to use touch screen menu for operation. Compared to competitors, the Nokia 5800 screen size is not actually too wide. However, the design of a glass surface and makes removal keypad feels very wide screen. and remaining in the bottom of the screen only 3 buttons: Call button, Menu, and End call. To turn-off the mobile phone, Nokia gives the key apart; located on the body, the tip of the right.

Nokia to set up 3 color choices: Silver-black, red and blue. Or similar motif fingerprints on the back of the casing. Typically, a pair with the touch screen as a stylus input. Nokia 5800 is also the case. Stylus can be drawn out from the elbow down the right body, a bit behind. But there is interest in the Nokia 5800, namely the use of plektrum as a means of input. Plektrum is equipped with a rope so that it can be used to a mobile phone.

New menu and movement sensor Nokia 5800 uses the latest Symbian, the edition to S60-5. Not surprisingly, the home screen menu structure is changed. Nearly all the icon on the home screen is the menu shortcuts for more information .. One more interesting is that the movement sensor. When we change the position of holding the phone from portrait to landscape, the display screen will automatically change to follow. This function is most fun when enjoyed playing games or race car Bounce Global Race Raging Thunder.

As a music phone, music player must be present to be sure. The setting provided, among others, Shuffle play, Repeat, Equalizer, Balance, Bass and booster Stereo widening. In addition to music player, here also have Radio. Radio, as always, require that the headset is connected. Supported in getting the song with the Podcasting and Music store. For Indonesia, in cooperation with Nokia Music provision for about 1,000 songs in the Music store, so users mentioned the Nokia 5800 can download these songs as much as 5800 per day directly from the phone.

Strength of the sound produced must be the speakers. And the Nokia 5800 is not disappointing. External speakers play the sound that is clean and snug tight. External speaker hole that we found in the left body, at the tip of the top and bottom; similar concept 2.0 speaker system. Sound controller, the volume key 2-way, right there in the body. 3.5mm headset jack on the body, located between the USB data port and charger port. Port data easily recognized from the close marked USB. Type of this port-like micro-USB. Battery charging own the port that is located exactly on the On-Off button. 3.2 MP camera main Carl Zeiss Tessar made behind the body, accompanied the flash. The camera button on the right body. Second VGA camera in the upper-right corner of the screen; used for video call. While the video can be recorded with the Video Quality up to high quality TV, which means that can be playback on TV, PC or handset. Nokia 5800 also features TV-out function. Thus, we can "move" content to the mobile phone screen screen TV. Have the option TV screen size, TV system and Flicker filters. SIM Card slot is located on the left body, the top.

Jumat, 27 Februari 2009

BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900 or the more familiar with the term 'BlackBerry Javelin' or 'BlackBerry faithful,' is a newest product of BlackBerry that was awaited with their fans.

This new BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Curve 8900 of the old type. From the info we get the new BlackBerry Curve is released to inform Google's G1. For those who already have the BlackBerry Bold may also be curious to see BlackBerry this one.

The useful of this product such as :
1. Size stunning - BlackBerry seems to have been thinking about how users will save their phone in pants pocket, so this new Curve is made with size pants pocket. Good again, although the size of a small but not compromising the display keyboard. So still good to use.
2. . User comfort Keyboard - The BlackBerry Bold, some users complained that some of the key laying less precise like 'Convenience key' (as a function Capslock & ALT), located in the bottom right is less convenient and hard to reach. in Curve improved by this new BlackBerry. Its own keyboard more comfortable to use than any other BlackBerry.
3. . Display Screen With Better - Display of new BlackBerry is more sharp picture, pixel density is also better.
With the price is only $149.99 it’s a peanut for people like us, so just click and you will get the new of this produck

Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

The New Of Sony Ericsson

Although the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona has not been held, Sony Ericsson has launch a product that will make a 5 megapixel camera phone far behind.

Sony Ericsson has shown a prototype newest mobile phone this year, the temporary name given Idou. Thorough, this smart phone will have a 12 megapixel camera resolution.

He will be in the shadow flag new Sony Ericsson mobile phone is titled 'Unlimited Entertainment', which will focus on aspects of the entertainment products.

This smart phone will be equipped with a Xenon flash lamp, touch screen 3.5-inch wide screen with 16:9 ratio, and control the intuitive touch navigation.

Idou will use Symbian Operating Sistem, created by the cooperation of several vendors, among others, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo is built based on the Symbian S60 edition 5.

Entertainment mobile-phone from Sony Ericsson Unlimited-including Idou, future platforms will combine music on Sony Ericsson Walkman family, with the sophistication tustel catapult digital platform from its Cybershot, message service and also the wealth of Java applications.

He will also integrate with mobile phone tool home entertainment is greater, such as TV, PC, and HiFi system. User will also be able to access thousands of applications and download content via the content-service features Sony Ericsson PlayNow property.

Although the Sony Ericsson have not released the price of Idou, but the joint venture of Japan-Sweden has provided launch in the market, namely in mid or late 2009.